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With Me Now's podcast

Nov 14, 2019

In this week's pod we have spam, spam, spam, egg and spam, barges and narrowboats, Alfie Solomons, buses and coaches, spam, spam, Wiki and spam, milestones and things and spam, Elliott's spam, plus Nicola celebrated a special 100 milestone whilst Danny got fan spammed at Salcey Forest parkrun.

Nov 7, 2019

*insert firework onomatopoeia*... In this week's show we have slow claps, the forthcoming Alphabepocalypse, say bye bye to some Facebook groups, like the new results pages, receive lots of messages from the Big Apple, send our love to all at Prospect parkrun, have the usuals of arbitraries, things and stats,...

Nov 1, 2019

In this week's show, number 69, we have Northmen, a rubbish ambassador, discuss Mini Electric and parkrun sponsors, a lovely wider-context email, mention the Big Red Bus, hear from Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun on the Falkland Islands, have arbitraries and things and stats, plus we hear about Jesmond Dene parkrun...

Oct 24, 2019

In this week's show we discover the Coypu-pew-poo is a girl, mention a pregnancy PB, discuss and theorise a maximum recommended tenure for an Event Director, have your arbitraries and your things, have stats and hear about Cusworth Hall parkrun near Doncaster from Nicola whilst Danny went to King George V Playing Field...

Oct 17, 2019

In this week's episode we have previous pod feedback, talk Kipchoge's 1:59 and relevant parkrun pace, we have bountiful arbitraries and thingies, the usual stats, we touch upon the Dunbar number whilst Nicola was at Castle Howard parkrun and Danny was at Squerryes Winery parkrun.