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With Me Now's podcast

Aug 29, 2018

Translations, 14ers, dolphins, stats, stroppy Poppy, inaugural 'discussion', ED interviews and parkrunpedia are just some of the things spoken about in this monster episode.

Aug 23, 2018

Real birthdays, parkrun birthdays, lies lies lies, LEGO Cathedrals, stats, 500 pioneers, Cowells, translations, Wilson Indexes, Cirencester parkrun, bee polls, naming conventions, doubles, muntjac deer, 5 million and a song for Dolly. Let's be honest, regardless of content listed, you're already hooked and going to...

Aug 14, 2018

Do bees have ears? Will parkrun be renamed parkactive? What does spruik mean? All the answers can be found in this week's show! Plus there's interviews with international Run Directors, Event Directors, international tourists and the results of a poll. #warmdown

Aug 9, 2018

Does anyone read these? I guess if you've subscribed then you'll listen anyway and look forward to the many surprises! Felixstowe parkrun, Milano Nord parkrun and naughty Danish words feature plus other irreverent chat.

Oh and we have Mel from the parkrun adventurers co-presenting! Hello Down Under!

Aug 1, 2018

So much to say, so we take more time! Clarity on comms, apologies accepted, Foots Cray Meadows parkrun, anagrams and a crying baby, junior parkruns yay or nay, buggy pacers and listen to after the credits have rolled.